Our Story

Our story began when Sassy Soul's creator Mel Hutchinson was searching for a fulfilling passion / profession, fueled with purpose, creativity and expression.

In search of "something" she left the city life of Sydney travelling throughout South America, India and Bali. It was while visiting India the inspiration was ignited, followed by a trip to Ubud in Bali the following year the first seeds of Sassy Soul began to bloom.

After years of not truly knowing "what deeply inspired her or what she was really passionate about" the seeking she experienced for years gradually dissolved, and her creativity and inspiration began to emerge from within. 

Being  accustom to living life guided by signs, symbols and synchronicities. Mel’s desire to share the benefits of high vibrational healing jewellery led her to create a Sassy Soul.

A range of jewellery that brings meaning to modern day women to express their unique style and beauty. Igniting a connection with the wearer’s soulful expression and hearts desires.

The symbols, mandalas and soul stones can be used to focus the mind while setting intentions, praying or meditating. Or can simply be enjoyed for the stylish and beautiful pieces they are.

Weather it is giving a gift with meaning to yourself or a precious loved. A beautiful symbolic representation of appreciation, beauty and self-expression.

 Who is Sassy Soul for?

Anyone and everyone… from all walks of life!! Yes, that means you too can benefit from adorning yourself with Sassy Souls high vibrational jewellery. From Accountants in the corporate world to engineers, entrepreneurs, yogi, spiritual seekers, surfers, artists to stay at home mums – everyday people like you and me. For anyone who wants to feel stylish, sassy and expressive!!

Why Sassy Soul was created?

Sassy Soul’s stylish jewellery is created for modern day women made with soulful expression and meaning. Each highly vibrational piece of jewellery offers a portal to access deep levels of self love, intuition and wisdom. Jewellery to be worn as a reminder to live everyday moments with meaning.

About our products

The Mandala and Crystal jewellery range are hand crafted in the holy city of “Pushkar” - India. 

Pushkar is one of India’s most holy and ancient cities, The Pushkar Lake is said to of come into existence when the creator of the Hindu universe Lord Brahma dropped a lotus flower on the ground.

The local Indian priests "Holy Men" of Pushkar carry out numerous blessing ceremonies a day around the lake of Pushkar.

The Holy Priests work with local business owners in their shops to perform regular ritual and blessing ceremonies. The sacred ceremony takes place over a period of a few hours with offerings of fruit, sweets, drinks, flowers, incense and symbolic gifts.

The Priest blesses the jewellery and shop with good karma and loving intentions – offering blessings of abundance, success, prosperity, humility and grace by chanting mantras, using crystal bowls, sound chimes to cleanse and raise the vibration of the jewellery.

All jewellery is made by a local community in Pushkar, helping support them create a livelihood using their creative gifts.